Tehran, 23 July 2022 (TDI): In a meeting with his Russian counterpart, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of Iran, Issa Zarepour, emphasized the prospect of the increasing presence of Iranian knowledge-based firms in Russian markets.

Zarepour, on the occasion of signing a cooperation document between Russia and Iran, said that bilateral cooperation in the field of communication and information technology would be developed.

Both parties at the meeting held talks and signed several cooperation documents in the field of communication technology. Iranian Minister, on this occasion, talked about Iranian knowledge-based firms having an active presence in the Russian market in the future.

Issa Zarepour also noted that many Iranian companies are present and have been holding meetings in Moscow. He said these companies had reached a good understanding in their meetings with Russian companies.

Iranian Minister further emphasized that in the field of communication and information technology, a market for Iranian products and equipment should be created. He said this is one of the most significant tasks of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Ministry.

Iran-Russia Relations

Relations between Moscow and Tehran officially commenced in 1521, with the Safavids in power in Iran at that time. Past and present contact between Russia and Iran have long been faceted, often wavering between collaboration and rivalry.

The two nations have a long history of geographic, economic, and socio-political interaction. Currently, Russia and Iran act as economic partners to each other as both countries face economic sanctions by much of the Western world

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the two neighboring nations have generally enjoyed very close cordial relations. In recent times, the relations between the two countries have become stronger. Multiple diplomatic exchanges and meetings between both countries have occurred.

In January 2022, Iranian President Raisi visited Moscow and met Russian President Putin. Then in June of the same year, both leaders held a meeting in Ashgabat while on a state visit to Turkmenistan.

Moreover, in July 2022, the Russian President also visited Tehran to participate in Astana talks on Syria and met the Iranian President.