Helsinki, 15 August 2022 (TDI): The famous urban music and arts festival of Finland, “Flow Festival” was held in Helsinki. Many local and foreign artists participated in the event.

Flow Festival is held every year in August. Similarly, the Flow Festival 2022 began on Friday, 12 August, and ended on Sunday, 14 August in Finland.

Colombia also Joined Finland in Flow Festival 2022, two Colombian Artists took part in the festival. According to the statement of the Colombian Foreign Office, two artists from Colombia Juilo Victoria and Wuilmer Lopez, participated in the event.

Moreover, the Colombian Foreign Minister stated it is a new beginning of cultural diplomacy of the embassy of Colombia in Finland.


Flow Festival

The phrase “bringing music from old school legends to current newbies” has come to represent Flow Festival. Beyond the music, Flow provides a warm environment for the arts and a superb selection of cuisine from around the globe.

Moreover, the festival, which is only a short stroll from Helsinki’s city center, offers a seductive backdrop for a few days of blissful festival escapism.

Flow’s Artistic Director Tuomas Kallio and his jazz bandmates from Nuspirit Helsinki founded Flow in 2004. They envisioned bringing something fresh to Finland’s music and urban activities sectors.

The well-attended event quickly gained popularity, and in 2007 they moved the location to the sizable Suvilahti region. The attention the organizers paid to the real festival experience in addition to other factors is one of the reasons for its popularity.

The food, drinks, furnishings, artwork, environment, and design of Flow are well-known. The festival was run in conjunction with the multi-arts festival Helsingin juhlaviikot (Helsinki Festival) from 2004 to 2010. However, as Flow grew larger, the organizers decided to run the festival separately.

Bilateral Relations between Finland and Colombia

Colombia and Finland established diplomatic ties in 1954. Colombia and Finland manage bilateral ties through their embassies with each other.

Furthermore, the Colombian Government’s initiatives to strengthen democracy, protection of human rights, and peace are supported by the policies of the Finnish government.

Moreover, Colombia and Finland have vice-ministerial level political consultation mechanisms and many agreements in the trade sector.