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Chinese-Russian Navies carry out first joint sea patrol


Beijing, 23 October 2021 (TDI): According to a statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Chinese and Russian naval forces jointly carried out first sea patrol. It was from 17th to 23rd October. Experts proclaim it to be vital in the geo-strategic backdrop of the region. The joint naval exercise was conducted in the Sea of Japan, the West Pacific and the East China Sea.

East China Sea and Sea of Japan

A fleet of ten Chinese-Russian warships and six carrier-based helicopters carried out the joint maritime patrol. Joint sailing, maneuvers and live-fire drills were conducted during the exercise; to test the operational preparedness of the naval forces. The maritime patrol was subsequent to the joint naval exercise of Russia and China in the Sea of Japan from 14th to 17th October. Earlier the two navies performed anti-submarine drills as a part of the exercise, as well.


The war game will improve the capacity of both the navies to deal with maritime security threats. As per Zhang Junshe, it will also boost bilateral trust by developing comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era. Additionally, it will also maintain regional and international stability. Zhang Junshe is a senior research fellow at the Naval Research Academy of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Song Zhongping, a military expert, enunciated that such joint ventures portray the level of combat readiness. Instant transformation from drill to patrol is an essential transition mechanism. Such mechanisms portray efficiency of military cooperation and readiness. Moreover, he also predicted that such ventures as well as joint air and naval patrols will become a common occurrence. This would demonstrate stronger China-Russia alliance.

A China-Russia joint naval ships formation in the West Pacific

In a statement, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the warships covered 1,700 nautical miles during the maritime patrol. Since 2019, Chinese and Russian Air Force have conducted joint strategic air patrols over the same region, annually.

China and Russia are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Hence, are responsible for maintaining world peace. Both partners confirmed that the joint drills were performed well within the limits of International Law without any territorial intrusion.

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