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Chinese President urges to strengthen China-Uzbekistan cooperation


Beijing, 27 October 2021 (TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping talked with his Uzbek counterpart Shavkat Mirziyoyev in a phone conversation.

The Chinese President congratulated Uzbek President on its re-election. Xi Jinping expressed that Chinese-Uzbek bilateral cooperation has increased since the formation of comprehensive strategic partnership five years ago. The two countries are also adopting reforms and opening up. China has also been helping Uzbekistan in dealing with the unprecedented challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic.

China puts great emphasis on its relationship with Uzbekistan. Chinese President urged that the two countries should look for new channels of cooperation in order to strengthen the bilateral relations. He added that China is ready to import more agricultural products from Uzbekistan. He urged to connect two countries in industrial cooperation.

Xi Jinping also discussed the regional stability with his Uzbek counterpart. He talked about enhancing regional security by cooperating especially from terrorist threats. The two counterparts also debated on the recent developments in Afghanistan.

The Uzbek President thanked his Chinese counterpart for the congratulatory message on his re-election. He acknowledged the role of Chinese government in unprecedented economic development and in poverty eradication. He expressed his will to learn from the Chinese art of governance. The Uzbek President also thanked his Chinese counterpart for assisting in the Coronavirus pandemic by providing vaccines. He emphasized that Uzbekistan is ready to enhance its cooperation with China in areas of economy, trade, poverty reduction and connectivity.

The two countries will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations in 2022. Both countries enjoy friendly relations. The two countries share mutual interests and are share partnership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization. China and Uzbekistan are committed to further strengthen their relations by expanding their cooperation.

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