Chinese Ambassador to India writes on origin of COVID-19

Article of Sun Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to India, “Upholding Science, Oppose ‘Political Virus’.

New Delhi, 6 September 2021 (TDI): Sun Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to India, penned down his stance on the ongoing hot topic “Upholding Science, Oppose ‘Political Virus’. He writes that when the whole world is already fighting the deadly virus, the politicization of the virus only increases the problems. In this context, he suggests eradication of political factors from the virus and attaches it with science; he says, “Origin-tracing is a serious scientific issue”.
Further, he explained answers to three questions. First, why is origin-tracing important? Second, who should conduct origin-tracing? Third, how should origin-tracing be conducted? He said that origin tracing is conducted to avoid future disasters. As he said earlier that it is a scientific issue, so according to Sun, the virus should be investigated by scientists, not intelligence agencies. Lastly, he mentioned that the origin tracing should be conducted in different countries and cities.
Moreover, he cleared the position of China on this issue in four points. He mentioned that China believes that this issue is science-related, the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) should be accepted and respected by all states, Beijing rejects the origin-tracing that goes against the resolution of the World Health Assembly, and views of member states should be respected. In last, he wrote that China will continue this fight against coronavirus.

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