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China’s Briefing on COVID-19 Origin-Tracing


Beijing, 14 August 2021 (TDI): On Friday, over 160 countries and IO’s envoys attended the briefing led by Vice Foreign Minister of China Ma Zhaoxu, on COVID-19 origin-tracing for diplomatic envoys in China. The envoys from different states and organizations attended the briefing via a video link.

The Vice Foreign Minister, while underlining the response of China during the pandemic, said,  China responded promptly during the pandemic and shared its experience with the world, and also remained at the front line for providing vaccines.

Zhaoxu also said that China tried hard in facilitating countries to deal with the deadly virus and uniting them, hence, made a remarkable “contribution to global public health security”. He cleared that Beijing’s stance of COVID-19 origin-tracing is based on the scientific attitude.

China has also cooperated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and asked the organization to visit China the work on tracing the virus. The Vice Foreign Minister said an official joint report of first was released in March, which is based on scientific proof. He also said that China’s scientist has also cooperated to work on 2nd phase of origin tracing of COVID-19.


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