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China-US declare Fuzhou and Honolulu as sister cities


Fuzhou, 21 October 2021 (TDI): China and the United States have established a sister city relationship between Fuzhou of China and Honolulu of the U.S. The event took place virtually in Fuzhou, Honolulu, and Los Angeles.

The established sister city linkage will help to strengthen the relationship of China with the United States. It will provide more opportunities for the two countries to cooperate. Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Qang congratulated both countries on the establishment of a sister-city relationship.

He hoped that it will increase the sub-national cooperation between the two sides. It will also help to build people-to-people connections between the two countries. The virtual signing of the agreement took place in Honolulu, Los Angeles, and in Fuzhou in which the Mayor of Honolulu, the Chinese Counselor of Los Angeles, and the Mayor of Fuzhou participated, respectively.

Sister city relationship helps to strengthen the cooperation between not only states but also between the cities. This relationship enhances the people-to-people contacts of both sides.
It also expands cultural relations which helps to learn histories and to cooperate more efficiently. Sister relationship can also be defined as the long term strategic alliance between the communities of the two cities.
The concept of the sister city not only includes the relationship of local governments of two sides, but also of civil society, the business community as well as an educational community. Twinning the cities have become an important instrument of public diplomacy in recent times.

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