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China urges dialogue for Syria Crisis Resolution


Beijing, 28 February 2024 (TDI): On February 27, China expressed gratitude to Special Envoy Geir Pedersen and Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths and urged restraint and dialogue for Syria crisis resolution.

The three focal points of China’s stance emphasized the need to contain the spillover effects of the Gaza conflict that affected the Syria crisis. Over the past four months, Israel’s airstrikes in Syria have raised concerns. China urges restraint to prevent further escalation of tensions.

He said, “China welcomes the successful convening of the 21st round of high-level meetings on Syria within the framework of the Astana format as well as Special Envoy Pedersen’s extensive engagement with all parties on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

The international community should uphold the Syrian-led and Syrian-owned principles, encourage dialogue and consultations, and find a solution acceptable to all parties. The international community must combat all terrorism in Syria with zero tolerance.”

Additionally, China advocates for a political solution to the Syrian issue. They welcomed the recent high-level meetings on Syria within the Astana format.

China stressed the importance of dialogue and regional engagement in reaching a resolution led by the Syrians themselves.

Furthermore, China underscores the necessity of collaborative efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Syria. China recognized the effective communication between the United Nations and the Syrian government.

Due to the same reason, China calls for increased humanitarian assistance. This includes the cessation of unlawful acts.

China actively finds solutions to the Syrian crisis, while remaining committed to promoting peace and stability in the region.



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