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China to firmly be force for peace, stability, progress


Beijing, 7 March 2024 (TDI): During a press conference at the 14th National People’s Congress, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi reaffirmed the nation’s dedication to firmly becoming a force for peace, stability, and progress on the international stage.

During a press conference at the 14th National People’s Congress, Wang Yi reiterated China’s steadfast commitment to being a force for peace and stability, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping global affairs.

“China will continue to speak up for justice, promoting win-win cooperation in 2024”, Wang said.

Moreover, “China will stand firmly on the right side of history and on the side of human progress and looked forward to jointly creating a shining “South moment” in global governance. ,” Wang added.

“As China’s Foreign Minister,” Wang Yi remarked, “it is my duty to advocate for stability and promote constructive dialogue.”

Moreover, Wang Yi highlighted China’s support for initiatives that enhance global governance. He cited the Belt and Road initiative as proof of China’s progress and development.

The foreign minister stressed that the “Belt and Road” remained an engine for common development, an accelerator of the world’s modernization.

Additionally, Wang Yi asserted, “Global governance requires a collective effort,”. He urged nations to work together to address pressing challenges such as climate change and economic inequality.

Focus on Regional Stability

Additionally, Wang Yi emphasized the importance of diplomacy, urging countries to resolve differences peacefully. “China stands ready to defend its territorial integrity,” Wang Yi stated.

Furthermore, Wang Yi turned to international hotspots by reiterating China’s stance on non-interference. He advocated for peaceful resolutions to conflicts and crises.

“China supports Palestine’s quest for United Nations membership,” Wang Yi affirmed, stressing the importance of dialogue and negotiation in achieving lasting peace.

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In a nod to China’s strategic partnerships, Wang Yi hailed the strong ties between China and Russia, emphasizing mutual respect and cooperation in global affairs.

“China-Russia relations exemplify stability and cooperation,” Wang Yi emphasized, highlighting the significance of strategic collaboration.

Looking ahead, Wang Yi expressed optimism for the future of China-Africa cooperation. He pledged continued support for development initiatives and governance exchanges.

“In the realm of AI governance,” Wang Yi concluded, “China advocates for a balance between innovation and security, ensuring a responsible approach to technological advancement.”

“New things and new opportunities should be embraced, and brakes should be checked before setting off,” Wang said.

In his closing remarks, Wang Yi reiterated China’s commitment to stability, global governance, and constructive engagement on the world stage. He reaffirmed China’s role as a responsible global leader.

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