Singapore, 12 Aug 2023 (TDI):  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong to enhance cooperation and set a new direction for bilateral relations.

In this regard, both leaders acknowledged the stability and vitality of China-Singapore relations, highlighting their beneficial and demonstrative role.

In addition, both leaders emphasized that the cooperation aligns with the current circumstances and promotes mutual development.

This year, China and Singapore upgraded their bilateral ties to a high-quality future-oriented partnership, showcasing their extensive cooperation.

Wang Yi expressed that, guided by strategic leadership, both countries should expand cooperation into new domains and forge a progressive path for their relations.

Moreover, Wang Yi stressed that significant countries should take the lead in this effort.

“China-Singapore relations contribute to regional peace, stability, and development. We are committed to enhancing coordination in multilateral matters with Singapore under our newly-elevated relations,” Wang said.

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Wang Yi highlighted China’s commitment to rejuvenation, which will bring opportunities for the region, including Singapore.

He underscored China’s determination to collaborate with ASEAN members for a shared future and strengthen the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

In response, Lawrence Wong acknowledged the energizing impact of the upgraded Singapore-China relations on bilateral cooperation, especially in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Furthermore, he expressed Singapore’s intent to actively partake in China’s modernization efforts and co-chair bilateral meetings.

Lawrence Wong went on to affirm Singapore’s support for China’s engagement in international agreements related to the digital economy and trade.

Additionally, Lawrence Wong also highlighted Singapore’s stance against power politics, advocating for regional peace and stability, adherence to World Trade Organization rules, and an open, inclusive cooperation framework.