Islamabad, 4 October 2022 (TDI): Nong Rong, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, met with Mohsin Dawar, Chairman of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting, the two discussed views on strengthening cooperation and strategic convergences. According to Mohsin Dawar, a thriving Pakistan-China strategic alliance and collaboration is critical to the region’s stable political destiny.

Mohsin Dawar commended the Chinese people and government for their assistance in combating the catastrophic impacts of the recent floods, as well as their assistance to Pakistan in times of economic difficulty.

While Ambassador Nong Rong congratulated Mohsin Dawar on his election as Chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and discussed the National Democratic Movement’s creation as a political organization.

Mohsin Dawar stated that the National Democratic Movement (NDM) seeks to create political space and a voice for Pakistan’s young women in a progressive Pakistan.

He emphasized the importance of regular exchanges between the NDM and the Chinese Communist Party. Mohsin Dawar recognized the Communist Party of China’s pivotal role in China’s socioeconomic progress and political stability.

Likewise, he stressed that China’s tremendous development in recent years has provided a path for the developing world to pull people out of poverty.

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He claimed that China’s strategy of broad-based economic growth without being entangled in overseas problems yielded enormous prosperity rewards.

Moreover, he went on to reiterate that Pakistan-China technological, scientific, agricultural, & industrial collaboration is critical to Pakistan’s ongoing pursuit of rapid industrialization.

In this vein, it is also very important for the country’s integration into global value chains to improve exports, & inclusive economic growth.

Mohsin Dawar further underscored the need of extending the CPEC route to the Ghulam Khan crossing, noting that the Ghulam Khan crossing, located on the Pak-Afghan border, is the quickest route connecting CPEC’s western route with Afghanistan.

Likewise, it is the quickest route to connect with Central Asian states, and beyond as well. He further stated that the corridor would create tremendous prospects for economic development for people on the periphery.

Along these lines, he also described economic development as crucial to Pakistan and China’s shared vision of inclusive regional economic prosperity.

Aside from that, the Chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee also stated that conflicts, the war on terror, and interventions hampered the region’s political stability, which was necessary for shared regional economic development.

Lastly, he noted that the stable political destiny of the entire region necessitates a thriving Pak-China strategic alliance and collaboration.

Ambassador Nong Rong stated that China will never forget its iron brother in times of hardship and that China had emerged as one of the largest bilateral donors for Pakistan’s flood relief efforts.

He remarked that China and Pakistan were close allies and iron brothers who stood by each other during difficult times.