Islamabad, 29 September 2022 (TDI): Moshin Dawar, Chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs held a meeting with the Ethiopian Ambassador to Pakistan, Jamal Beker Abdula at Parliament House.

During the meeting, he reiterated that ‘Engage Africa’ is Pakistan’s strategic pivot to Africa to enhance commercial, parliamentary, and diplomatic connections with Africa.

Along these lines, he further enunciated that the diversity of the resource-rich African continent, market size, shared values, and strategic convergences pique Pakistan’s interest in elevating bilateral relations.

Likewise, Pakistan is interested to increase exchanges with Africa for a new age of friendship and collaboration.

Appreciating the opening of the Ethiopian Embassy in Islamabad, Mohsin Dawar stated that Pakistan values its connections with Ethiopia and takes pride in mutual support at various international forums such as the UNGA, UNSC, and UNHRC.

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He stated that Ethiopia has become an important pillar in Pakistan’s strategy to boost trade with Africa. Pakistan and Ethiopia are both prospective markets for each other.

Mohsin Dawar also suggested that the Permanent Missions in New York and Geneva of the two countries ought to work closely together. He also wished Ethiopians long and uninterrupted peace and prosperity.

While the Ambassador of Ethiopia, Jamal Beker Abdula on his part articulated that the world should not view Pakistan through the lens of Western media.

Pakistan, he said, is a peaceful, culturally rich, and diverse country with extremely strong social values and enormous economic potential.

He remarked that Pakistan’s participation in UN Peacekeeping Missions demonstrates the country’s unwavering commitment to global peace.

The Ethiopian Ambassador further emphasized the importance of bilateral trade relations, stating that Ethiopia is an appealing market for Pakistani agricultural, pharmaceutical, and technological products.

Ethiopia is critical to Pakistan’s food security in terms of imports of pulses, chickpeas, and red kidney beans. He praised Pakistan’s government for lifting the restriction on red kidney beans.

In this vein, he urged Pakistani entrepreneurs to investigate the potentially profitable markets of his country.

He also suggested during the meeting for Pakistan to provide scholarships for Ethiopian students at various Pakistani universities. This will strengthen cultural and educational relations between Pakistan and Ethiopia.