Beijing, 17 March 2023 (TDI): On Thursday, the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Asad Majeed reached China with the intent to discuss the financial situation of Pakistan and issues related to their bilateral relations.

Asad Majeed is expected to meet Chinese Foreign Minister, Qin Gang today. Moreover, both sides are going to discuss strategies to overcome financial crises in Pakistan and ways to make their strategic relationship stronger.

It is pertinent to note that China has been one of Pakistan’s closest allies, providing assistance and support in various areas such as military cooperation, infrastructure development, and economic growth.

The Foreign Secretary will also have a political engagement with the Vice Foreign Minister of China, Sun Weidong. Therefore, it is more likely that Asad Majeed will raise discussions relevant to the security of their region and the growth of the economy.

China and Pakistan as all-weather friends

Historically, China and Pakistan have enjoyed a close relationship since the 1950s, when they signed their first bilateral agreement. Since then, both countries have maintained a friendly relationship based on mutual trust, understanding, and support.

Along with economic cooperation, the two countries have strong military ties. China has supplied Pakistan with advanced military equipment and technology, including fighter jets, submarines, and missiles.

The two countries also conduct joint military exercises and training programs, with China helping to modernize Pakistan’s military.

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The two countries share common interests and concerns, making their relationship critical to regional stability and economic growth.