Islamabad, 28 December 2022 (TDI): Cultural Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and China Cultural Center in Pakistan organized a live 2023 Happy Chinese New Year Press Conference.

It was attended by senior journalists from renowned Pakistani media groups, newspapers, and TV Channels at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Islamabad.

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The conference was originally held in Beijing. Gao Zheng, Director General of the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau & Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China addressed the participants.

Additionally, Zhao Cong, head of the Chinese National Traditional Orchestra, and well-known pianist Lang Lang, Cultural Ambassador of the 2023 Happy Chinese New Year introduced the 2023 Happy Chinese New Year activities.

Remarks by representatives

Gao Zheng gave a keynote speech to the audience. He said that the Chinese New Year is held to celebrate Spring and is an important platform for China to share its culture with people all over the world.

Xing Lijun, Second Secretary of the Cultural Office of the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Pakistan, briefed the Pakistani media about the 2023 Happy Chinese New Year.

He also provided information on the upcoming events associated with the Chinese Spring Festival. Xing emphasized Pak-China Cultural exchange initiatives with Pakistani journalists.

In this vein, Xing stated, “The cultural links between the two countries are strong enough to support our everlasting relationship.

This friendship will spread into all aspects of Pakistani life and become stronger with each new day.” At the press conference, the 2023 Happy Chinese New Year mascot, “Tu Yuanyuan,” was also unveiled.

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The Central Academy of Fine Arts’s mascot is a rabbit with long ears shaped like a lucky bag, because the forthcoming Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rabbit.

Chinese New Year Mascot Tu Yuanyuan
Chinese New Year Mascot “Tu Yuanyuan”

Notably, Happy Chinese New Year 2023 will be led by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. China International Culture Association will host it.

Various online and offline activities, such as music concerts, temple festivals, and parades, will take place all over the world.