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China helps Zimbabwe in establishing hospital


Harare, 29 October 2021 (TDI): Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe with the help of the Chinese business community established a hospital for the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The world is facing unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. The whole world suffered from this pandemic. However, the Coronavirus pandemic united the world.

The developed countries started to help the vulnerable and developing countries. China has been leading in assisting the countries against the pandemic. It is consistently providing vaccines and other medical equipment to needy countries.

Chinese assistance has helped a lot of countries to control the increasing Covid19 cases. In this regard, China also provided vaccines and other medical supplies to Zimbabwe.

Moreover, the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe also worked with the locals to control the pandemic. Therefore, the Chinese embassy with the cooperation of the Chinese business community in Zimbabwe established a hospital.

The hospital has treated a total of 565 patients of which 87% of them totally recovered. Chinese doctors have been selflessly working there to help the locals from the Coronavirus.

China has also provided Zimbabwe with hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine. Zimbabwe was also one of the first 14 countries to receive vaccines from China.

China and Zimbabwe enjoy good relations. China has been the major investor in Zimbabwe. It has been investing in diamond mining and the energy sector.

Zimbabwe has also been part of the Chinese project of the Belt and Route Initiative (BRI). Due to the worsening economic condition of Zimbabwe, many foreign investors have pulled out from Zimbabwe.

But China has been investing in Zimbabwe continuously. The two countries are committed to further strengthening their relations by increasing bilateral cooperation.

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