Beijing, 19 February 2022 (TDI): China and France have recently signed the Fourth Round China-France Third-Party Market Cooperation Pilot Project List, which builds on the major agreement established between the two countries’ leaders on developing third-party market cooperation.

These remarks were made by the Spokesperson  of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin during the recent regular press conference in response to a question by Xinhua News Agency on the details about the Project List.

The Fourth Round China-France Third-Party Market Cooperation Pilot Project List covers seven projects having a total value of over $1.7 billion in infrastructure, environmental protection, and new energy.

Furthermore, Africa, Central, and Eastern Europe will be involved in the collaboration, which will play a key role in encouraging third-country economic and social development. The dynamics of the development of China-France relations have always remained strong.

With companies as the primary participants, the establishment of China-France Third-Party Market cooperation is market-oriented under the host countries’ legal requirements, as well as development priorities.

It is built on the premise of mutual benefit, common consultation, market regulations, and open competition in terms of financial, social, and environmental sustainability.

President Xi Jinping and President Emmanuel Macron carried their conversation on a cordial phone call on February 16, due to the COVID-19 situation.

They agreed that advancing the implementation of the China-France Fourth Round Third-Party Market Cooperation Pilot Project List would be beneficial for both countries.

The next stage will be for the two parties to provide circumstances and platforms for enterprises to collaborate in third-party marketplaces and to carry out more demonstration projects for the mutual benefit of all parties.

In terms of comparative advantages, French companies excel at advanced manufacturing and engineering building that protects the environment.

Whereas Chinese enterprises have extensive experience in infrastructure development, energy, equipment production, and the Internet.

China and France have a lot of potential for establishing Third-Party Market collaboration because their enterprises have so many advantages and complementarities.