Beijing, 13 September 2021(TDI): China and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) partnership in infrastructure development is a win-win situation for both of the states, said the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson of China, Zhao Lijian in a press briefing on 13th September.

The partnership is a result of the “infrastructure-for-minerals” package cooperation between the two countries.

On a question of the impact on the Chinese investments by the reviewing of previous mining contracts between China and DRC ordered by DRC president, Zhao said that trade and integration between the two states is one of the examples of practical models of cooperation. He added that this has led to economic and social development in the region and both countries have a consensus to continue doing so.

Bilateral trade between China and DRC has yielded various win-win situations for both and the Presidents of the two states intend to deepen this cooperation to promote a prosperous and shared future. Amid all this review of mining contracts since the 2008 issue, Chinese enterprises signed an $11.5 billion dollar agreement with the Katanga province for building roads, social development.