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Dushanbe Declaration: 20th SCO Summit


Dushanbe, 17 September 2021 (TDI): Almost all the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization concurred with cooperation in order to promote the Chinese installed BRI and Silk Route projects. Several other countries including Pakistan and Russia acceded to support China in development and infrastructure initiatives. They also reaffirmed to extend support for synergizing Eurasian Economic Union and BRI and its implementation to magnify the spectrum of operation of these organizations.

BRI is a flagship of Chinese investments in the Pakistan and Eurasian region which has supported many small local and medium industries to provide better job opportunities and infrastructure to the member states. Eurasian Economic Union is on the other hand a Russian-led economic bloc between East, West, and Central Asian states. The entire idea behind touting the combination of EEU and BRI is to emerge central Asia and South Asia as a powerhouse of economic activity.


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