Dushanbe, 18 April 2023 (TDI): Deputy Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Sharaf Sheralizoda met with Ji Shumin, Ambassador of China to Tajikistan, to discuss the countries’ current political and economic relations. The meeting also aimed to investigate strategies to develop and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields.


During the meeting, both spokespersons expressed pleasure with the progress made in bilateral relations between China and Tajikistan. They stressed the need to strengthen more mutually advantageous bilateral connections through promoting trade, economic, and investment partnerships and implementing collaborative projects.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sheralizoda emphasized China’s critical role in Tajikistan’s economic development. Additionally, he expressed gratitude for China’s assistance in the energy, transportation, and infrastructure sectors. He also highlighted the potential for agricultural, tourism, and educational collaboration.

Ambassador Ji Shumin praised China and Tajikistan’s good relations. He stressed the significance of deepening and broadening bilateral collaboration.

He emphasized China’s many initiatives to boost trade and investment, including the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He also expressed China’s desire to work with Tajikistan to explore new potential for collaboration.

Both diplomats recognized the significance of fostering people-to-people connections, including cultural and educational exchanges. They pledged to explore measures to boost the number of Chinese tourists visiting Tajikistan and facilitate intercultural exchanges between the two nations.

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China-Tajikistan Bilateral Ties

China and Tajikistan have a warm and cordial relationship with increased cooperation in various fields. Diplomatic links between the two nations were established in 1992, and they have steadily grown since then.

Economic cooperation is a critical component of the China-Tajikistan relationship. China is Tajikistan’s leading trading partner and source of foreign investment. In recent years, the two countries have inked several agreements to encourage trade and investment and to enable collaborative project implementation.

Infrastructure development is a significant element of cooperation between China and Tajikistan. China has supplied Tajikistan with financial and technical assistance for constructing roads, bridges, and other transportation facilities.

The two countries also have signed agreements to increase energy cooperation, such as building hydropower stations and developing oil and gas fields.

Another crucial aspect of the Sino-Tajik connection is people-to-people interaction. Agreements have been established between the two nations to encourage interdisciplinary research and student-scholar interaction. China has also actively promoted tourism to Tajikistan, with a rising number of Chinese tourists visiting the nation in recent years.

The China-Tajikistan relationship has gained momentum due to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Tajikistan is a crucial BRI partner, and the two nations collaborate to advance infrastructure growth and connectivity in the region.