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China and Russia strengthen bilateral relations


Beijing, 20 December 2023 (TDI): President Xi Jinping met Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Wednesday. With the shared interests of their respective people, China and Russia strengthen bilateral relations strategically.

The governments and positions of the two countries have conducted in-depth exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in various fields. Xi noted that he has met with President Putin twice since the beginning of this year.

Xi said bilateral trade between China and Russia this year reached the annual trade volume. The two heads of state jointly set the 200 billion US dollars target. It indicates the two countries’ strong resilience and wide-ranging prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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He said China and Russia make strategic decisions based on their fundamental interests in preserving bilateral ties. On the 75th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and Russia, Xi stated that China supports the Russian people in choosing their development path.

According to Xi, the Chinese economy has solid long-term fundamentals that won’t change and huge potential, strength, and flexibility. China is constantly in favor of high-quality growth and high-level opening up. It will open up new doors for developing other nations, including Russia.

Xi urged both parties to fully utilize the benefits of political mutual trust, economic complementarity, infrastructure connectivity, and people-to-people contact. It consistently enhances the meaning of cooperation and intensifies cooperation in commerce, energy, and the economy. And collaboratively uphold the security and stability of supply chains and the industrial sector.

In addition, he urged concerted efforts to plan and execute various cultural events, create a prosperous China-Russia Cultural Year in 2024 and 2025, and strengthen public and social support for the two nations’ enduring relationship.

According to Mishustin, the two fruitful meetings between Presidents Putin and Xi this year have shown how determined Russia and China are to strengthen their comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and that Russia is prepared to collaborate with China to sincerely carry out the significant agreement that the two heads of state have reached.

Furthermore, Tuesday marked the 28th regular meeting between the two heads of state. According to Mishustin, Russia is happy with the steady increase in bilateral practical cooperation. Russia prepared to collaborate with China to maximize potential, broaden cooperation in areas like commerce, energy, and connectivity, ensure the success of the Cultural Year, and strengthen the two people’s enduring friendship.

Earthquake in China

President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences of the Russian government and people for the earthquake that rocked Gansu Province in northwest China. Russia is prepared to offer rescue help to meet China’s demands.

Xi expressed appreciation and mentioned that other international leaders, including President Putin, had offered letters of condolence following the earthquake. Moreover, China is working nonstop to carry out rescue operations to safeguard people’s lives and property.

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According to Xi, there are currently enough rescue workers and supplies in the earthquake-affected areas to meet the basic needs of the local populace.

He also stated that, with the strong support of the Communist Party of China, the affected people will undoubtedly overcome the tragedy and rebuild their homes. Therefore, China and Russia strengthen bilateral relations.

Owais Khan
Owais Khan
The author, Owais Khan, is a China researcher at The Diplomatic Insight. He graduated with a BS in International Relations from the University of Peshawar. He has been a research intern at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad. He is a contributing author at Stratheia, Pakistan Today, The Diplomatic Insight, Pakistan Observer, and the Daily Times Newspaper. He has many Op-Ed publications and press releases on South Asia, geopolitics, and the Indian Ocean Region on different platforms. He can be reached at owaiskhanmarwat07@gmail.com.

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