Mexico City, 23 November 2022 (TDI): President of Chile, Gabriel Boric landed in Mexico on invitation by Mexican President, Andres Manuel. This is an official visit of the Chilean President to Mexico.

The visit is seen as a way to deepen cooperation between both states. The integration between Chile and Mexico at the cultural, economic, and political levels, is the main agenda of this official trip.

President Boric is accompanied by a delegation of government authorities, parliamentary officials, and businessmen. The purpose of this visit is to deepen cooperation and bilateral ties in the cultural sector, economic field, and political affairs.

Moreover, this also entails agenda to further regional economic integration to advance the prosperity of the region. In addition, investment in the public and private sectors of Chile is also a significant priority area for President Boric.

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On this visit, President Boric will further discuss ways with his official counterpart to boost bilateral ties between their states in all the important sectors.

Chile-Mexico Relations

The relations between both states are historical as they have been colonized by Spain. After their independence from the colonized rule in the 1820s, they established diplomatic relations.

But due to political differences, the relations were severed in 1974. Chile and Mexico re-established diplomatic relations in 1990. Since then, both states have maintained friendly bilateral relations.

There have been many high-level visits from both sides. A number of treaties and agreements have been signed between the two governments to deepen the ties.

In 2015, 13 cooperation agreements were signed between both states to consolidate bilateral relations. There have been different seminars on the trade and economic relations of both countries.

The agreements and cooperation treaties have solidified their achievements made in the field of trade, education, tourism, health, security, environment, science, and technology.

Both nations reaffirmed their commitment to further their peaceful relations and work for the security of the region.