Santiago, 17 November 2022 (TDI): Chile and Colombia commemorated 200 years of bilateral relations between both states in Santiago. In this regard, a concert was arranged in Centro Cultural La Moneda.

The musical event was attended by Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Ximena Fuentes along with Ambassador and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Francisco J. Coy.

The concert began with a commemorative speech by both the officials on part of their states. Both officials highlighted the importance of increasing bonds and ties between both states throughout the course of time.

Chilean artist Pascuala Ilabaca and Colombian artist Victoria Sur performed in the concert and celebrated the friendly ties through music.

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In addition to this concert, a meeting was also held between both counterparts. The Colombian Ambassador headed the first meeting of the Binational Commission to celebrate the 200 years of bilateral ties between Chile and Colombia.

Chile-Colombia Relations

In 1822, Chile and Colombia signed the “Agreement of Friendship, League, and Confederation.” The diplomatic relations between both states have been established since then. Both states were once part of Spain and share cultural and linguistic ties.

But apart from cultural ties, the states have also developed diplomatic and economic relations. Both countries cooperate on a number of bilateral agendas.

This includes trade and investment, science and technology, security and defense, culture, and education. Along with this, Antarctic affairs, cooperation in counselor matters, mining, and the migratory sector, is also part of their agenda.

Moreover, the agriculture sector is also an important part of their bilateral agenda for cooperation. In 2016, government officials from both states conducted a round of binational negotiations to review the progress on the set agendas.

Since 2011, Chile and Colombia have had a Strategic Partnership. Likewise, both states converge around the promotion of diversity, human rights, and sustainable development.