Karachi, 17 November 2022 (TDI): Jemal Beker, the Ambassador of Ethiopia to Pakistan attended the Handicrafts Awards 2022 in Karachi. At the event, he promised women who are into entrepreneurship access to the Ethiopian market for selling products.

Also, he added that the potential of bilateral trade between both Ethiopia & Pakistan will continue to strengthen. Moreover, Jemal Beker announced the Pakistani delegation’s visit to Ethiopia and how it will boost bilateral trade between these two countries.

The Ambassador of Ethiopia further assured investors & entrepreneurs present at the event to trade with Ethiopia. This will continue to strengthen economic ties and all aspects of diplomacy.

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Ethiopia has been a good hub for trade relations with Pakistan for all these years. In the case of ensuring that Pakistanis will be able to move in and out of Ethiopia freely, he emphasized the Embassy being established.

The people of Pakistan are always welcome in Ethiopia, he added. The Handicraft Awards 2022 was an event organized in Karachi, Pakistan to honor some leading businesses in craft work.

The event was to demonstrate appreciation for Pakistani women in handicraft work. It was followed by awards and speeches.

Ethiopia-Pakistan relations

The Pakistani government has a strong diplomatic relationship with Ethiopia, one of Africa’s oldest and second most populated countries.

Ethiopia has opened its Embassy in Pakistan demonstrating the interest it has in ensuring that both countries have a good relationship.

The two have assisted each other in various ways ranging from economic to cultural diplomacy. The Ethiopian government has continued to show its preference for Pakistan.