Rawalpindi, 21 November 2022 (TDI): The Chief of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), Rudzani Maphwanya visited Pakistan as part of the nation’s aim to strengthen diplomatic ties.

During the visit, he called on the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of Pakistan, General Nadeem Raza at the Joint Staff Headquarters in Rawalpindi.


The visit of General Rudzani Maphwanya to Pakistan is part of the effort of South Africa to promote its country’s military ties with the government of Pakistan.

Both countries have for some time now established a good relationship along with seeking to further enhance it for mutual benefit. The meeting of both leaders will ensure that they look forward to the success of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.

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The need to ensure that both countries establish strong military support for each other is necessary for diplomacy. The South African Military has always been supportive of other countries.

Joint Chief of Staff Committee

The Joint Staff has its headquarters in Rawalpindi near the vicinity of Naval and Air headquarters. The committee helps the Chairman carry out military support.

The need for support and lift of the military personnel is the duty of the committee and it helps the Chairman in that.

South Africa National Defense Force

South Africa has a large, well-equipped army and personnel who assist in all areas of military support. The Defense Force comprises the military force which protects the interest of the country.

South African National Defense Force in its duty to the mainland has been great for the support of many African countries. Hence, this meeting has been described to yield positive diplomatic results.

The Pakistan High Commission in South Africa has continued to establish a good relationship with its partner country. They have both supported each other in various ways which have promoted a greater diplomatic tie for emulation.