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Celebration of 100th anniversary of CPC in Manchester


Manchester: 27 June 2021 (TDI):The Consulate General of China in Manchester, in partnership with the British Communist Party, organized an event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of CPC on Saturday.
The Chinese Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Zheng Zeguang delivered a video speech at the event.
The dignitary highlighted the journey that CPC has traversed in the past century and has become the biggest political party in the world. He also discussed the role of Marxism as the guiding philosophy of CPC and the special place of Manchester in the inception and development of the philosophy. As it was in Manchester where Karl Marx and his close comrade Mr. Frederick Engels discussed and drafted their manifesto of the Communist Party, 170 years ago. The philosophy inspired the foundation of CPC because of which China is now embarking on a journey of building a modern socialist country in a comprehensive way. He expressed his hope for China to embrace a more promising future and make a greater contribution to the world under the leadership of CPC. 
Talking about the significance of the Communist Party of Britain to China, the dignitary said that the friendly exchanges with the British party are of great importance to China and that the two parties have had close interactions. He acknowledged that the visits made by Comrade Griffiths to China over the years enhanced mutual understanding and friendly relations between the two parties. The CPC, he said is ready to strengthen its relations with the British Communist Party to make greater progress in the future. 
As shared by the Chinese Embassy in the UK, the Chinese Consul-General in Manchester, Mr. Zheng Xiiyuan, and the Gen. Secretary of the British Communist Party Comrade Robert Griffiths attended the event too. About 150 representatives from relevant organizations of China and the UK attended the event both virtually and in person.  
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