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Trudeau on the Canadian Multiculturalism Day


Canada: June 27, 2021 – (TDI):   June 27 is marked as Multiculturism Day in Canada. To celebrate this day, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister issued a statement. In his statement, Trudeau recognized the contributions made by people of various cultures to establish Canada. He attributed the success of Canada towards its national character of Multiculturism. He furthermore labeled this Canadian commitment as an example for the rest of the world. Canada relishes in its diversity and differences, he expressed. He stressed on Canadian aim to be inclusive. He noted that the year 2021, marks half a century of Canada’s adoption of the policy of Multiculturism. This policy was integrated into the Canadian Multiculturalism Act afterward.

While expressing delight in Canada’s inclusivity of all cultures, the Prime Minister stressed the fact that the journey to inclusivity is yet to be completed. He noted the presence of systematic racism and discrimination towards minorities, indigenous people, and racialized groups in Canadian society. These differences have been only enhanced in the Covid19 times, he expressed. The increase in violence and threats towards various groups has brought to the forefront the prevalence of racism and discrimination in Canada. He affirmed the insecurity and fears faced by these racialized groups that have been only highlighted by the violent events of the past many days.

The Prime Minister shared Canada’s resolve to end the discrimination and racism in Canadian societies, prevalent today. Canada is determined to take steps in this regard, he shared. He urged the individual Canadians to build a better and completely inclusive society. Doing so, he highlighted the significance of the values of openness, compassion, and respect. He reiterated the role of these very values in the progress of Canadian society. Adoption of these values will lead to success in this journey of inclusivity, he shared.

In the end, he urged the Canadians to celebrate this day by recognizing the part Multiculturism has played in Canada’s success and by participating in different online and in-person activities, in this regard.

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