Ottawa, 8 November 2022 (TDI): Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau visited Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) in Montreal.

Prime Minister Trudeau during his visit to this largest industrial association, highlighted the importance of working with industry leaders.

He also underlined the importance of cooperation with industry leaders in the country on many issues including climate change, workforce needs, & strengthening supply chains. Moreover, he discussed the challenges faced by the Canadians, with the CME.

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters 

In a country, industries bring about structural changes in the pattern of foreign trade. It helps in earning foreign exchange through the exports of manufactured goods.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is the largest industrial association in Quebec, Canada. Since the first industrial boom in the country, CME has been advocating and representing member interests.

The Canadian government ensures competitiveness in business and will take up measures in this regard in the 2023 budget.

This is due to the realization of the importance of industries in the economic development of the state and the economic well-being of the people. CME welcomes this initiative from the government.

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CME highlights the government’s desire to put in place a national supply chain strategy to improve supply chains and boost economic capacity.

However, this will have to be done quickly, because, as the national task force mentioned on this subject, “supply chains in Canada are close to a breaking point”.

“We will monitor the additional measures that will be announced in the 2023 budget. However, we must not miss the boat.

The government will have to propose strong measures to ensure the competitiveness of manufacturers, who are the pillars of our economy,” said Véronique Proulx, President, and CEO of CME.

In addition, strong measures will also be taken by the government and the industrial sector to protect the climate and environment from harm.