Munster, 4 November 2022 (TDI): Foreign Minister of Japan, Hayashi Yoshimasa met with the Foreign Minister of Canada, Melanie Joly.

The meeting was held between both officials during their visit to attend G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Munster, Germany.

Both Ministers expressed their delight to meet in person again following the last meeting. They reaffirmed their commitment to continue cooperation between Japan and Canada.

The cooperation and commitment of both states regarding the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” were also highlighted. The officials also confirmed effective cooperation and steps against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

The North Korean ballistic missile launch issue was also discussed by both Ministers. They corroborated their commitments to address regional issues related to the economy and security.

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Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada, Melanie Joly also expressed interest in joining Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF).

Minister Hayashi stated that additional participation in IPEF by regional partners like Canada would be appreciated and welcomed.


G7 or Group of Seven in an inter-governmental political forum. It consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The European Union (EU) is a non-enumerated member of the G7.

G7 Meeting

The G7 Foreign Ministers meeting was held in Germany on November 3-4, 2022. The meeting of the G7 Ministers is being held for the tenth time during Germany’s G7 Presidency.

Foreign Minister of Germany, Annalena Baerbock invited the G7 Foreign Ministers for a meeting in Munster, Germany. The meeting is held to discuss Russian aggression in Ukraine, its global impacts, and the current geopolitical situation.

The G7 Ministers also seek to boost the immunity on issues of China, the Indo-Pacific region, and Iran. Cooperation with Central Asian states is also part of the agenda.

G7 nations have discussed ways to counter major challenges of this century with the cooperation of democratic allies around the globe.

The Foreign Ministers of Ghana and Kenya and the African Union (AU), are also invited for discussing the peace situation in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa region.