Bucharest, 30 November 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Canada, Mélanie Joly is participating in the ministerial meeting of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

This is the last ministerial meeting of 2022, and Foreign Ministers of the 30 NATO allies are participating in it. They are gathered in the capital of Romania, the member country on the alliance’s Eastern side.

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Canada is one of the founding members of this Western mutual-defense alliance since 1949. The others include the United States of America (USA) along with 10 European countries.

This Ministerial summit will discuss ways to tackle challenges posed by China and support Ukraine against Russian invasion.

Views of Canadian Foreign Minister

Talking about the summit’s themes, Joly said, “NATO remains firmly committed to supporting Ukraine through a “difficult” winter. Even though an end to the conflict with Russia remains out of sight.”

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“Russia isn’t at the negotiation table at all. And so our goal right now is just to reinforce Ukraine’s position on the ground through military aid, intelligence sharing, and financial support,” added Mélanie Joly.

In this vein, she emphasized the support of Canada and reiterated, “Canada has pledged C$500m in new military aid to Ukraine, announced at the G20 summit in Jakarta.”

While pointing out the difficult situation Ukraine is facing, Joly added “We need to make sure that Ukrainians can get through this difficult winter. Energy ministers from NATO countries are looking for solutions to the looming energy crisis.”

It is pertinent to note that Russia has pounded energy facilities around Kyiv with missile strikes, resulting in power outages and breaks in water supplies.

With temperatures hovering around freezing and expected to dip as low as -11C in little more than a week, international help has been increased.

The focus is on items such as generators and autotransformers. These will ensure that blackouts affecting everything from kitchens to operating rooms are as limited and short as possible.