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Canada Organizes Conference on Women Rights in Peshawar


Peshawar, 19 December 2021 (TDI): Canada collaborated with South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-Pakistan) to organize a conference in Peshawar on Thursday.

This conference was attended by a few government officials and 300 women candidates. The conference was titled ‘Women in Local Government Convention’. The goal of the conference was to support and promote women’s rights in Peshawar. The Canadian advocates in Peshawar and Pakistan aspire to promote the role of women in the local and government sectors of Pakistan.

For the promotion of women’s rights, it is essential to integrate women into various sectors of Pakistan, either private or public. The government of Pakistan is making groundbreaking efforts to encourage the inclusion of women in different fields of work.

Women are being enrolled in security forces as well. The government of Pakistan with the help of International Organizations is facilitating women by creating separate barracks for them. This inclusion would help women in supporting other women and would boost gender rights in Pakistan as well.

Through such initiative, women would be given equal rights in all sectors thus reducing the male dominance in society.

South Asia Partnership Pakistan

South Asia Partnership Pakistan is a non-governmental organization (NGO). It is registered with the government of Pakistan. The organization’s main goal is to empower the weak, promote equal rights for all and endorse economic empowerment for every sector.

The organization is committed to supporting youth, transgender, religious minorities in Pakistan. The South Asia Partnership Pakistan is one of the leading NGOs in Pakistan. This organization works in transparency with every transaction they make. The organization is strictly committed to a non-discriminatory policy for the deliverance of its program.

The NGO has been organizing various conferences to empower women and transgender. On Tuesday, the organization campaigned to raise awareness on the ‘Role of Women in Local Government 2021.’ Such campaigns and conferences are creating awareness about equal gender rights in society and helping to formulate non-discriminatory policies in Pakistan.


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