Kuala Lumpur, 15 December 2021 (TDI): Yesterday, the United States of America’s (USA) State Secretary Antony Blinken visited the capital of Malaysia. The State Secretary received a warm welcome from the government of Malaysia.

The US Spokesperson Ned Price briefed about Blinken’s visit. He said the state secretary has for the first time visited Malaysia since the start of his term. Blinken aspires to reaffirm the strong friendship between USA and Malaysia.

Ned Price noted that the US has good bilateral relations with Malaysia and it plans to further strengthen the bond between the two states. Moreover, Blinken aspires to discuss the important role of the ‘Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ ASEAN, in bringing stability and maintaining peace in the region.

USA and Malaysia Bilateral Relations

The United States of America has collaborated in various areas such as Countering Terrorism and enhancing security cooperation for Nuclear Proliferation. Both countries share a diverse partnership in Trade, Environmental cooperation, education, and cultural relationship.

Malaysia has a diverse democracy and provides the USA with great opportunities to enter and engage in the Southeast Asian region. Malaysia is USA’s eighteenth largest partner in trade.

They have engaged with one another on many bilateral platforms such as through the ‘Trade and Investment Framework Agreement’ TIFA and in the World Trade Organization WTO.

The United States of America holds the largest foreign investment stock in Malaysia. The US foreign investment stock focuses on manufacturing and in the sectors of banking, oil, and gases.

The two countries engage with one another on international organizations such as The Regional ASEAN Forum, the United Nations UN, and the International Monetary Fund IMF. The United States of America and Malaysia also participated in the East Asia Summit.

Both the USA and Malaysia are aspiring to further strengthen their partnership and to enhance transparency and improve accountability between the two nations.