New York, 1 April 2023 (TDI): Valentin Rybakov, Belarus’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), spoke at the UN Security Council (UNSC) on placing Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

He expressed his appreciation to Ukraine for drawing attention to the issue. He also urged the Security Council and the international community to pay special attention to the risks posed by joint NATO activities & the US’ extended deployment of nuclear weapons outside its borders.

Rybakov also advised Ukraine to demand that NATO cease joint nuclear missions and that the US withdraw its nuclear weapons from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Türkiye.

He noted that Ukraine and other countries at the meeting should be considered hostages or occupied states based on their statements.

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Additionally, Rybakov urged everyone interested in resolving human rights issues in Belarus to address difficulties in their nations, such as pensioners, current and former presidents, and the future.

He underlined the need for people to solve core human rights issues to ensure a decent life, good health, and safety. He warned no one should meddle in Belarus’ domestic affairs.

Rybakov also noted that the Belarusian people decide the most important domestic political issues and that outsiders need to understand their perspectives. He asked others not to argue about Belarusian preferences.

The Belarusian Envoy also has reservations about releasing a Security Council paper through Albania.

According to Rybakov, if the Security Council archive is to be turned into a trash can, then we are on the right track. Western sponsors entirely support the document and feature private character representation.

It is time for taxpayers to question their governments about the so-called “Belarusian opposition”. They must ask why they are so wealthy they can spend these sums on fleeing Belarusians rather than their country’s problems.

Furthermore, he asserts that this incident brings to light the dilemma of completely reliant states in the Security Council.

It serves as a reminder to UN member states of the significance of exercising caution when voting in non-term Security Council elections.

Rybakov invited member states to assess the artificially created politicized competition in the Eastern European group as the Security Council elections in June of this year approach.

It is critical to elect politicians who emphasize the well-being and interests of their country rather than being supported only by foreign forces.

Moreover, he affirmed that the Belarusian government fosters regional and global peace, security, and stability.

It advocates for equitable representation in the Security Council, with members who put their nation’s interests first and seek to cooperate with other member nations to accomplish shared objectives.

During a UN Security Council meeting, the recent statement by Belarus’ Envoy, Valentin Rybakov, aroused debate and posed critical questions for the international community to ponder.