Ambassador Imran Ahmed Siddiqui with Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Dhaka, 26 October 2021 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina held a meeting with Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina in the meeting expressed her government’s desire to increase trade and economic collaboration with Pakistan.

The meeting between the High Commissioner and Bangladesh’s Prime Minister is the second in eleven months. Pakistan and Bangladesh are considering deepening their relations as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is all set to visit Pakistan for the first time. The two countries are considering developing their relations after a decade-long stagnant relationship. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has accepted the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan and has reciprocated an invite as well.

In the retrospect, Pakistan-Bangladesh relationship soured after the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina resumed the trials of ‘1971 war crimes’. She resumed the trials during her second tenure in 2009. Pakistan on the other hand has regarded that part of the history as a closed chapter.

The Pakistan-Bangladesh relationship has started to revive after the growing Chinese developments in Dhaka. The Chinese Developments in Bangladesh have also brought Pakistan and Bangladesh closer.

Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Imran Siddiqui conveyed the message of Goodwill and Friendship. He presented a photo album of the late Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s visit to Pakistan in 1974 to attend the OIC summit. He also presented the Bangla version of the “Alla’ma bil Qalam”. The book is a coffee table book and consists of calligraphy art by Pakistani artists.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reciprocated the gesture by extending greetings and good wishes to Prime Minister Imran Khan.