Multan, 3 June 2022 (TDI): Australian High Commission Islamabad is helping people with the introduction of the Direct Aid Program covering a range of projects in education, health, water and sanitation, environmental protection, woman empowerment, and gender equality, supporting people with disabilities, economic livelihood, and human rights.

Keeping in view all the encouragements and practical adherence to the woman empowerment one can appreciate, the Australian High Commission’s efforts in Pakistan to support agriculture classes in the South of Punjab which are ignored and deprived are commendable.

Pakistan certainly appreciates the Australian High Commission for empowering women in agriculture where they are mostly deprived of their deserving wages and unrecognized for their skills in the patriarchal system.

These objectives are aligned with poverty reduction, stability, institutional functioning to help for the safety of women, and building confidence and courage to address the constraints of sustainable woman empowerment.

Australia-Pakistan ties

Australia enjoys a cordial diplomatic relationship with Pakistan which was established precisely after Pakistan’s partition in 1947 from India, and ever since 1948, a resident mission has been present in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s strategic placement in South Asia gives it tremendous importance to maintain bilateral relations with the world at large. Australia always maintained healthy relations with Pakistan; regionally and globally.

Strategically Pakistan shares its borders with China, India, Afghanistan, and Iran making Pakistan the world’s fifth-most populous country in South Asia with active participation to project its acclamation in the South Asia Islamic world.

Australia established a long-term bond with Pakistan and helped it in the areas of defense and law enforcement, human rights, economic reform, and development.

Also, Australia has a long-standing relationship of development cooperation. Australia always focused on salient problems like gender equality, economic prosperity, and water security in the areas of deprivation where it is required the most.

Australia and Pakistan joint trade committee discussed in Islamabad in 2019 discussing the bilateral trade and investment particularly focusing on education and agribusiness with authentic prospects in education, agribusiness, processed food, & IT and communication projects.

Future projects may look into the solutions for clean energy technology and water management. Pakistan’s economy is based on the services sector, industry, manufacturing, and agriculture, and Australia has a deep interest in Pakistan given its size, economic potential, and strategic significance.

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