Canberra, 18 October 2022 (TDI): Australia’s Ministry of Foreign Affair released a statement declaring that Australia has reversed its decision of recognizing West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

This statement came out on 18 October by the newly elected Government of Anthony Albanese. The statement articulates that the new government condemns, regrets, and reverses the decision of Morrison’s Government taken in 2018.

Foreign Minister Wong said the decision was made by Prime Minister Albert Albanese during the cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

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Foreign Minister Penny Wong advocated the Labor Party agenda and criticized Morrison’s political play of recognizing West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. She stated that the decision hurt the position of Australia toward just a two-state solution.

Albanese Government reaffirmed Australia’s previous position that Jerusalem is a final issue between Israel and Palestine and it should be resolved through peaceful negotiation.

Indonesia and other countries also supported and welcomed Australia’s decision of reversing its position on West Jerusalem.

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister reiterated that Australia will continue to maintain its Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Moreover, the statement emphasized Australia’s commitment and support to a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinian people. Through which both parties can live with coexistence, in peace & security, and within internationally recognized borders.

Minister Penny Wong said that Australia will not support an approach that brings instability, and conflict in the region and undermine this prospect.

She further mentioned that Albanese Government recommits to supporting the responsible pursuit of peace and progress through just and enduring two-state solutions.

The statement moreover emphasized Australia’s friendly stance toward the state of Israel and will support the Jewish community in Australia and everywhere in the world.

Likewise, she stated that the problem of the Palestinian people is well understood by Australia and it will support the Palestine cause and advocate for peace negotiation.