Canberra, 31 December 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Affairs Minister of Australia, Penny Wong in a tweet stated that Australia has joined liked minded countries in supporting the Afghan people’s calls for girls and women to return to work, school, and university.

A joint statement released by the Foreign Ministry of Australia led by Penny Wong stated some of the important reasons for the strong call for the support of Afghan women and girls to return to school.

A previous call by other countries like France, Norway, Germany, Italy, and many others who have consistently been urging the Taliban interim government to rescind the decision.

Women are central to humanitarian and basic needs operations. The trampling on the rights of these women is a growing worry for most countries.

The Taliban continue to demonstrate their contempt for the rights, freedoms, and welfare of the Afghan people, particularly women and girls. They have shown a great deal of disinterest in international relations in their conduct.

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The Australian government stated that it supports the Afghan people’s call for girls and women in these times to return to school as it is their educational right.

The United Nations (UN) and other international communities have all called for immediate actions to promote unity and bring stability to the region.

For some years now there have been continuous problems of crisis in that part of the region due to the occupancy of the Taliban.

Preventing girls and women from having access to education, especially at the tertiary level. It has amounted to some form of international human right disobedience. This has elevated many people to support Afghans to demand basic rights they have always kept intact.

Australia has also promised to stand by these women in these times to ensure that the right thing is duly done as has always been the case of time.