Kabul, 26 August 2022 (TDI): Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Hafiz Ahmad announced the official meeting between Afghanistan and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maulvi Amir Khan Mutaqqi, and M. Saeed Al Ayyash, special representative of the OIC held bilateral talks.

OIC representative gave a message from the Secretary-General of the OIC to Afghanistan’s acting minister.

The issues of the expansion of relations and cooperation were discussed. A special focus was given to humanitarian aid and financial assistance to Afghanistan.

OIC extends its presence

OIC’s officials presented information to extend their office’s presence in Afghanistan. OIC Representative also assured Mutaqqi that local Afghans will be provided with employment opportunities at the OIC’s office.

The interim Foreign Minister of Afghanistan also thanked the OIC for cooperation and continuous assistance.

He also appreciated the member states of the OIC during the meeting with Ayyash.

He further added that Afghanistan under the Islamic Emirate’s leadership will assist the OIC with the provision of every kind of governmental support. Afghanistan will strive for extended relations with the OIC.

Announcement of support

Special Representative of the OIC, Saeed Al Ayyash added a remark about the recent natural disasters in Afghanistan. He paid his condolences and sympathies to those Afghans that were victims of those natural disasters.

He also announced the financial support that was provided by the King Salman Charity for Afghanistan. Through the following fund, 47 thousand plus families will be provided with food rations in Afghanistan.

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US appreciated the OIC

The US Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Rina Amiri recently held talks with the OIC’s representative. She appreciated OIC’s commitment to engage the clerics and religious scholars in Afghanistan and the establishment of the Afghanistan Trust Fund.

Amiri also appreciated the step of the OIC for Afghanistan to uphold the rights of women. OIC stressed the provision of equal rights to women in the education and work sectors in Afghanistan.