Jakarta, 14 February 2022 (TDI): Ministry of Science and Higher education of the Russian Federation in collaboration with the ASEAN Committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation launched the opening ceremony of the ASEAN-Russia Year of Scientific and Technical Cooperation (ARYSTC) 2022.

Cambodia and the ASEAN COSTI Country Coordinator hosted the opening ceremony. In particular, the ARYSTC 2022 shows the ASEAN-Russia cooperation in innovation, technology, and science. The opening ceremony of ARYSTC took place on 14 February 2022.

Meanwhile, the ARYSTC-2022 action plan has announced a series of events and activities that cover various areas such as social, natural science, economics, mathematics, medicine, industry, food security, business, technology, and innovation.

Opening Ceremony

Secretary of State of Cambodia, Professor CHHEM Kieth Rethy, hosted the opening ceremony of ARYSTC 2022. According to him, the purpose of the ARYSTC 2022 is to work on the ‘Togetherness’ of the ASEAN family with the Russian Federation. It also aimed for openness, solidarity, good faith, and harmony.


Joint Education Initiatives

Senior Official Meeting Leader for Scientific and Technical Cooperation of Russia, Vladislav Starzhenetskiy, supported interaction with higher education institutions in ASEAN. Accordingly, joint education initiatives will contribute to the development of science and technology in the ASEAN family.

Ties and Cooperation Network

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam, Bui The Duy, highlighted that The ARYSTC 2022 will support ties and collaboration network between ASEAN and Russian Federation. Bui The Duy is also the Chair of the ASEAN COSTI.

Scientific Exchanges and Capacity Building

The Deputy Secretary-General of the ASEAN Economic Community, Satvinder Singh, emphasized that the project will enhance bilateral cooperation in technological and scientific exchanges and capacity building.

For these reasons, it also aims to collaborate on health and security issues. Subsequently, he remarked that the project includes STI development and digitalization.

Likewise, Russian Ambassador to ASEAN, Alexander Ivan, pointed out that ARYSTC-2022 is focusing on ASEAN-Russia Strategic Partnership. In the same vein, it will prove beneficial for practical interaction between Eurasian Economic Union and ASEAN.

Digitization and Climate Change

Chairman of the Russia-ASEAN Business Council, Ivan Polyakov, stated that ASEAN-Russia business communities promote scientific and technological solutions for digital transformation. Further, it also supports climate action projects.

Other Areas of Development

In the same vein, Russian representatives and ASEAN further focused development of small cities, health, food security, and digitalization.