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Ambassador Zhang addresses the UN Committee on Peacekeeping


New York, 20 February 2024, (TDI): On February 20, China’s Ambassador Zhang Jun addressed the UN Committee on Peacekeeping, at the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly.

He congratulated the members of the Bureau of the Special Peacekeeping Committee on their election. He also thanked President Francis for his message. Ambassador Zhang Jun paid tribute to all peacekeepers who maintain their posts in various mission areas.

He emphasized the importance of peacekeeping operations in maintaining international peace and security. China is the second largest contributor to United Nations peacekeeping. It is also the largest troop contributor among the permanent Security Council members. Thus, it actively supports and participates in these operations.

Ambassador Zhang Jun highlighted the unprecedented challenges facing peacekeeping operations, emphasizing the need for reform and transformation to enhance their effectiveness.

He said, “Currently, United Nations peacekeeping operations are facing unprecedented new situations and new challenges, and require reform and transformation to play a better role. Secretary-General Guterres’s “New Peace Agenda” and the comprehensive evaluation report on the overall performance of peacekeeping operations have made important suggestions in this regard.”

Strategic Framework for UN Peacekeeping

He outlined five key points for consideration. Firstly, peacekeeping authorization should align closely with reality to prioritize political settlement.

Secondly, establishing a stable cooperative relationship with host countries is crucial. Thirdly, ensuring the safety of peacekeepers is paramount, necessitating improved emergency response and early warning capabilities.

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Fourthly, regional organizations must play a unique role in peacekeeping efforts, with support from the United Nations. Lastly, emerging technological challenges must be properly addressed, with a focus on respecting sovereignty and improving capabilities.

Ambassador Zhang Jun expressed China’s readiness to engage in meaningful discussions. The aim of this was to explore more efficient ways to promote the transformation of peacekeeping operations. He concluded by thanking the chairman for the opportunity to address the assembly.

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