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Amb. Zhifei Shen expressed good wishes on leaving Lithuania


Vilnius, 13 August 2021 (TDI): On Wednesday, the Chinese Envoy to Lithuania Zhifei Shen, left Lituania as per the government orders. On leaving Lithuania Shen expressed his feelings and good wishes in a tweet.

Zhifei Shen, former ambassador of Beijing to Vilnius, appreciated everyone for valuing his contribution to China-Lithuania relations as a diplomat. Zhifei Shen also admired the regard for him and his family. He tweeted, “Goodbye! Lithuania” and added, “Dear Friends, thank you for recognizing my work in promoting the  China-Lithuania relationship. I also appreciate your best wishes to me and my family. I am deeply moved.”

Ambassador Zhifei previously has also served on different designations in various states including the Republic of Botswana, the Republic of Zambia, and the Republic of Croatia.



Mehwish Ashraf
Mehwish Ashraf
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