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Al Saqafa organizes farewell dinner for Pakistani Ambassador


Manama, 19 September 2023 (TDI): On September 16, 2023, the Pakistan Cultural Association in Bahrain, Al Saqafa, organized a farewell dinner for the departing Pakistani Ambassador Muhammad Ayub.

At the end of his diplomatic mission in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Nibras Mohammed Talib, CEO of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), welcomed Ambassador Muhammad Ayub of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

He wished the ambassador success on his upcoming mission and thanked him for his efforts over the course of his tenure in improving cooperation with the body that regulated the labour market.


Association Chairman Syed Altaf Azim, along with members of his team, including Treasurer Ahmed Adil, General Secretary Mohamed Ali, and Board members Ahmed Fraz and Dr. Nauman, presented Muhammad Ayub with a shield in appreciation for his outstanding services to the Pakistani community when he was living in Bahrain.

Syed Altaf Azim, the chairman of Al Saqafa, commended Muhammad Ayub for his exceptional assistance and collaboration with Al Saqafa, the Pakistan Association.

Ambassador Muhammad Ayub devoted his time in Bahrain to enhancing bilateral ties, particularly through the employment of the cultural diplomacy he initiated.

Furthermore, Ambassador Muhammad Ayub asked the members of Al Saqafa to keep aiding Pakistanis living abroad in Bahrain’s educational and cultural endeavors.

Meanwhile, he expressed his gratitude to Al Saqafa and other community members for their assistance throughout his time working in the office.

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Ambassador Muhammad Ayub claimed to be quite satisfied despite leaving with a sad heart.

Lastly, Ambassador Muhammad Ayub acknowledged that Bahrain’s Pakistani population was helpful and willing to meet any obstacle.


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