Islamabad, 1 February 2022 (TDI): The Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar stated that the year 2022 will be considered and observed as the Year of Youth in Pakistan.

He gave the earlier mentioned statement at a news conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, 1 February. The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister made several other significant points during his briefing to the media.

In order to create more and better employment opportunities for the youth of Pakistan, several steps are being taken. An array of activities are being arranged. Job fairs, skills, art and culture fairs and sporting events are being arranged to assist the youth.

Usman Dar additionally underscored that Pakistan will host the tenth Commonwealth Youth Ministerial Conference this year.

The conference is scheduled for the month of August. Additionally, Youth Ministers from fifty-four countries will grace the conference with their presence.

He highlighted that this conference will serve as a platform for showcasing the soft image of Pakistan. It will help shape a peaceful and progressive global image. Not only that, but the conference will showcase the talented youth of Pakistan.
Shedding light on the Kamyab Jawan Programme

Usman Dar also shared significant information regarding the Kamyab Jawan Programme. While sharing the data he gave certain figures. He stated that two to three billion rupees are being disbursed on a monthly basis among the young generation.

The reason is to promote entrepreneurship. The whole idea is to give them enough confidence to step into entrepreneurship. Talking about the last three months, he mentioned that over 8 billion rupees were already distributed.

Furthermore, under the same programme and initiative, 5000 new businesses have been started. As a consequence, 15,000 people got jobs. It is pertinent to mention that under the Kamyab Jawan Skills for All Initiative, over 60,000 scholarships are being given.

Additionally, Kamyab Jawan Sports Talent Hunt is also being conducted. It aims to groom, prepare and polish the youth for sports.