100-day countdown to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics begins


Beijing, 28 October 2021 (TDI): The much anticipated 100-day countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has begun. China is fervently and meticulously preparing for the event. Earlier, the Central Bank of China issued commemorative coins for the occasion, as well.

President Xi Jinping on Winter Olympics
President Xi Jinping met the Winter Athletes

The President of China, Xi Jinping emphasized developing China’s winter sports by hosting the Winter Olympics. He said that the event will inspire approximately 300 million Chinese to take part in winter sports. As a result, it will contribute to the development of the international Olympic cause.

President of International Olympic Committee

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach also acknowledged the efforts taken by Beijing to prepare for the Winter Olympic Games. He said that “Beijing will once more write history.” Moreover, the event will present the best winter sports athletes to the world. He gave the remarks on the occasion of the 100-day countdown to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, via video link.

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, also known as Beijing 2022, are an upcoming international winter multi-sport event. Sports like Ice hockey, figure skating, and skiing are part of the games. Earlier this month, the Olympic flame reached all the way from Greece, as well.

Chinese children practicing figure skating in anticipation of the Winter Olympics

Beijing is the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games. The games will commence on February 4th and will last till February 20th, 2022. The participants will be subject to daily Covid-19 tests, to curb the spread of the virus. International spectators will not attend the sports event.

Preparations for the Event
Athletes practicing Skiing

Zhang Jiandong, the Vice Mayor and Beijing 2022 organizing committee official stated that the participants will stay in a closed loop for training, competing, transport, dining, and accommodation. This policy will be strictly implemented to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Furthermore, only fully vaccinated participants will be allowed entry into China. China is completely prepared to host a Covid-19 secure Olympic event.