Karachi, 31 March 2022 (TDI): Yiwu-Karachi Workshop was successfully held via video link, today. The theme of the workshop was “Building the China-Pakistan Trade Corridor by Concerted Efforts of Governments and Business Sectors.”

The event was jointly organized by the Yiwu Municipal People’s Government and the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). It was co-hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of Yiwu Municipal People’s Government and Yiwu Bureau of Commerce.

The workshop aimed to promote essential interactions between Yiwu and Karachi, what with Karachi being Pakistan’s largest city and important port.

It also aspired to build a bridge for deepening collaboration between businesses from both sides along with facilitating trade exchanges between small, medium, and micro-market players.

Moreover, the workshop sought to help implement the results of the China-Pakistan Joint Statement. The Chinese side was represented by Li Bijian, Consul General of China in Karachi, Ye Bangrui, Mayor of Yiwu City, and Wang Wei, Deputy Mayor of Yiwu City.

From the Pakistani side, Arif Ahmed Khan, Chief Executive of TDAP, Hussain Haider, Consul General of Pakistan in Shanghai, and Irfan Iqbal, President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) participated.

Yiwu-Karachi Workshop underscores enhanced China-Pakistan trade
Yiwu-Karachi Workshop underscores enhanced China-Pakistan trade

Muhammad Idrees, President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry(KCCI) as well as others also attended the virtual event. In addition, representatives from both governments, chambers of commerce, and businesses of China and Pakistan joined.

Consul General of China in Karachi whilst speaking to the participants said that there were close economic relations and enormous development potential between Yiwu and Karachi.

Li Bijian wished to further promote trade balance, improve mutual trade exchanges,  introduce more high-quality Pakistani products to enter China through the Yiwu market and improve trade quality.

He urged that the bilateral investment must be increased, and Chinese companies were welcome to take advantage of Pakistan’s favorable policies to invest and create additional employment prospects for the younger generation of Pakistan.

The Consul General also proposed that the trade representatives of the two sides strengthen exchanges and collaboration, deepen policy communication, and jointly cope with the prospects and challenges in the post-covid period.

While Hussain Haider, the Consul General of Pakistan in Shanghai, on his part said, that the Yiwu-Karachi Workshop was an embodiment of the dedication of the two countries, specifically the two cities, to boost bilateral trade and investment linkages.

He expressed his confidence that the Karachi-based enterprises would join the mutually profitable collaborative ties with their Yiwu partners to provide further impetus to the bilateral economic ties.

Hussain Haider also reiterated that Pakistan’s Consulate General in Shanghai would give complete support and facilitation to these initiatives.

The Mayor of Yiwu City, Ye Bangrui also gave a brief introduction to the social and economic development of Yiwu in the workshop. He enunciated that Pakistan was an important trading associate of Yiwu.

The trade volume between Yiwu and Pakistan reached nearly 600 million US dollars in 2021. Imports from Pakistan to Yiwu have tripled. He highlighted that Karachi is Pakistan’s economic hub, a vital port, and the largest city.

Consequently, Yiwu looks forward to further improving interactions and collaboration with Pakistan, particularly with Karachi, to fortify partnership in export and import, exhibition, e-commerce, and deepening cultural exchanges.

Arif Ahmed Khan, the Chief Executive of TDAP pointed out that Pakistan and China had ample potential for cooperation. He wished that Pakistan would learn from China’s knowledge and take solid steps to construct online digital platforms.

Such platforms will greatly enhance the country’s digital connectivity and facilitate the export of standardized and high-quality Pakistani products to China.

The President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), Irfan Iqbal also spoke at the occasion. He voiced hope about Yiwu and Karachi establishing closer ties to improve two-way collaboration and carrying out regular exchanges.

These exchanges will include partnerships in domains like trade, education, culture, and scientific and technological R&D.

Muhammad Idrees, the President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce& Industry(KCCI), also briefed about the Chamber and presented many competitive products made in Pakistan.

Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce stressed the trade development of the city and collaboration prospects with Pakistan. Likewise, the Yiwu Pakistan Buyers Service Center also made a presentation about their excellent services for Pakistani business people.

A Pakistani businessman living in Yiwu, Ashraf Hussain shared his success story of a business startup in Yiwu along with his personal feelings about the lucrative business atmosphere in Yiwu.

Both sides had in-depth discussions on issues covering trade supporting services and Pakistan’s export demand, which significantly deepened mutual understanding and paved the way for future collaboration.