World Leaders meet at the Middle East Green Initiative Summit

The Middle East Green Initiative is a catalyst for action.

Riyadh, 25 October 2021 (TDI): Today, Riyadh hosts the Saudi Green Initiative Forum (SGI) and the Middle East Green Initiative Summit (MGI).

The Middle East Green Initiative Summit will meet global and local actors to propel agreement to address shared ecological responsibilities. The Kingdom will work with its neighbors to combat environmental changes through diplomacy activity and awareness. Among the participants, Saudi Arabia announced the arrival of representatives from Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Libya, Greece, and Pakistan.

According to the organizers, 3 pillars define MGI’s strategic environmental aims: Knowledge
transfer, environmental stewardship, and forward-thinking innovative climate solutions.

The Summit introduces the Middle East’s first pact on climate change, drives investment and knowledge transfer, and fosters the political will for transformative action. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman inaugurated the edition on Saturday.  He is also chairman of the Supreme Committee for Saudi Arabia’s Green Vision.

The Saudi representatives stated that its country is committed to climate change awareness. Therefore, is reducing its carbon emissions through energy efficiency programs, growing its renewable energy capacity, and developing carbon capture technology.

Furthermore, the officials highlighted that by working together, nations can scale up climate commitments. As well, deliver against clear targets designed to protect the planet and ensure a positive future for coming generations.


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