Buenos Aires, 2 September 2022 (TDI): International leaders condemn the assassination attempt on Argentina’s Vice President (VP), Cristina Kirchner.

The President of Bolivia, Luis Alberto A. Catacora condemned the act of assassination against Argentina’s VP.

Bolivia’s President sent his remarks of solidarity to Kirchner and her family, adding that Bolivia stands with the people of Argentina.

The Vice President of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca also condemned the assassination attempt against the Vice President of Argentina. He added that no one can kill justice, freedom, and life.

Venezuela’s President expressed solidarity

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro also showed solidarity with Argentina’s Vice President, Kirchner. He added that this was an attempt to destabilize the peace of the brotherly people of Argentina.

Maduro further added that no one has the right to conduct the attempt or take the life of someone like this. He conveyed his respect to Vice President Kirchner.

Colombia & Peru condemned the assassination attempt

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro also came forward and openly condemned the attack on the VP of Argentina. Petro said that the attack on Vice President Kirchner was a result of sectarianism.

The President of Colombia also added that such action was an act of fascism. He went on to enunciate that politics must be all about freedom.

Petro further said that politics in Latin America needs a change through the elimination of such adversaries.

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Peru’s President Pedro C. Terrones said that the Peruvian government and people condemn the illicit action against the Vice President of Argentina.

Along these lines, he also condemned the assassination attempt and considered it violence against humanity.

US and Russia condemn the assassination attempt

The Ambassador of the United States to Argentina, M. R. Stanley condemned the attempt of assassination against the VP of Argentina.

He declared the act as the practice of extremism and fascism. He prayed for peace to Argentina’s VP and rejected every form of violence.

Moreover, the Russian Embassy in Argentina stated that there is no justification for such violence. Condemning the attempt of assassination against Vice President Kirchner, the Russian Embassy added that Russia stands with Argentina.