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World agrees on Climate Change concerns


Glasgow, 15 November 2021 (TDI): Climate Change, COP26 Conference in Glasgow ends with a new agreement. 197 Countries agreed with aimed concerns on environmental changes.

UN Chief said that the deal is compromised, but it’s not enough over climate change. The countries need to be united for this planet. On the extra day of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, for negotiations on climate changes.

Scotland came with an adopted outcome on Saturday. There are 200 countries that participated in the climate change meeting. UN Secretary-General this new agreement reflects the interest and state of political will in the world.

Glasgow Pact Notable Points

Antonio Guterres (the Secretary-General of the United Nations) closed the meeting after two weeks. The key notables, points of this new deed are to work on the framework to limit the world temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. The efforts are not enough. The world needs to work on it progressively. The is at alarming mode now.

The world agreed on phasing out the burnings of coal and fossil fuels for energy purposes, carbon exclusion as the main cause. The world leaders agreed for putting a price on carbon exclusion.

The world powers will ensure the financing of $100 billion funds for environmental protection. This will increase the performance and boost the efforts to phase–down the carbon and unwanted gases Exclusions.

Paris Agreement as Milestone

Paris Agreement is the milestone to achieve climate change. States have some building blocks to achieve the targets. Today’s conference, decisions, and policies are an extension of the Paris Agreement.

Front Runners

The young people, indigenous communities, women leaders, and all the leading power can contribute to this achievement. The aims of climate change are so high, but the states agreed to never give up and try simultaneously to achieve it.

COP27- 2022

197 countries, agreed to repeat their progress towards more with ambitions. Egypt will host the COP27 next year in 2022.

Alok Sharma, President of COP26 struggled to hold back tears. He was following the announcement of a last-minute change to the pact draft.

China and India requested for softening the pact drafted words from phase-out to phase–down about the use of coal power.

The world needs to be committed to the Glasgow pact and ambitiously to do the efforts till 2030. Alok Sharma, ended by saying that history has been made in Glasgow.

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