Putra Jaya, 25 January 2022 (TDI): Malaysia has started the preparation to send the cultural attachés to its selective embassies and consulates of the world in the next year, to promote Malaysia.

Foreign Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said that these cultural diplomats will be stipulated to play their leading role in the consecutive provision of exposure on the Malaysian Arts, music, and culture across the world.

The process of the appointments of the cultural attachés will be opined during the budget of the next year. Saifuddin Abdullah expressed his hope to debut the said promotion by sending the few attachés first.

Later, a model project of the deployment of the attachés will be started in the few states. Agencies relevant to cultural diplomacy will decide the appointment of the cultural attachés to promote Malaysia and cultural diplomacy.

Foreign Minister Abdullah met with the Pahang Motac Officer and held informal meetings with the four ministries i.e. Tourism, Arts, Cultural Ministry (Motac), Education, Higher Education, and the Ministry of Communication & Multimedia.

Saifuddin said that whether the cultural (Motac) officers were stationed abroad but the full–time consistent efforts of their prospective cultural attachés will ensure the wide range promotion of the Malaysian culture, Arts, Music, Books, and its Literature.

Further, he emphasized that this would be the special stipulated responsibility of the cultural attachés to promote the culture of their homeland across the world. They will be stationed abroad for the planning of the various promotional activities to hold the cultural festivals or fairs successfully.

He further emphasized the responsibilities of the Cultural attachés that the promotion of the Bahasa Melayu, incessant engagement of the Malaysian publishers, promotion of the Malaysian crafts, culture, and the other sectors would be the foremost and basic duty of the attachés.

Further, Saifuddin revealed by citing the Malaysian award-winning short films that Malaysia intends to hold the short film festivals at selected embassies of the world in the mid of the running year, as a part of the initiation to help introduce the Malaysian culture.

Besides that Foreign Minister discussed the short–term measures with Motac Pahang to assist the tourism industry players to resuscitate the magnificence of the Cherating Beach. Because a dire drop of the tourists has been seen due to COVID–19 pandemic on the said beach.