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Federal Amateurs Golf Championship concludes in Islamabad


Islamabad, 27 November 2023 (TDI): The Federal Amateurs Golf Championship, a thrilling showcase of talent and skill, concluded its riveting four-day event at the esteemed Bahria Garden Golf & Country Club in Islamabad from November 23 to 26, 2023.

The championship witnessed an impressive participation of golfers from across the nation, marking a significant celebration of sportsmanship and competitive spirit.

A large number of golfers from across the country participated. After the Championship, prizes were distributed among the winners by the President Federal Golf Association Zahid Arbab.

Brig (retd) Nasrullah Khan Warraich SI (M) of Rawalpindi Golf Club bagged First Net Prize in the Senior Amateurs Category while Mohsin won gross.

In the main amateurs category, Naeem secured the first net while Raja Israr won the first gross with a 221 score.

Among the ladies, Shazamina Khan won net, and Hamna Amjad won gross.
It is interesting to note that in the 30th Chief of Army Staff Championship also, played from 12 – 15 October 23, Brig Nasrullah Khan Warraich, Miss Shazamina Khan, and Miss Hamna Amjad were among the prize winners.

President Federal Golf Association extended heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated ground staff and the Secretary of the golf club, Brig Saeed Zafar Dar, for their exemplary efforts in orchestrating flawless arrangements, contributing significantly to the championship’s success.

In a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, Vice Chief Executive of Bahria Town, Cdre (R) Muhammad Ilyas, expressed sincere thanks to the sponsor, CEO of ERRANDS Services, Inam Malik, and presented a token of gratitude as a symbol of their valuable support towards promoting the spirit of golf in the region.

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