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WHO supports Zambia to reduce COVID-19 impacts


Lusaka, 21 October 2021 (TDI): World Health Organization in Zambia shared that Zambia is going to be one of the 15 African countries to receive support from the WHO African Region. The news was officially posted on the WHO African Region’s twitter account.

Support from WHO identifies key gaps negatively affecting COVID’19. It will strengthen the country’s response to accomplish targeted vaccine uptake. This will also aid in vaccine rollout, optimizing and firming present capacity.

According to WHO African Region that various African states have a long way to get fully vaccinating around 40% of their population. WHO African Region’s teams will deploy in around 15 countries to provide targeted support and help address bottlenecks.

Moreover, the teams will address hurdles that are blocking the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines. They are going to find a view to support national authorities to achieve their target as soon as possible. They are targeting to cover at least 40% of the population by the end of this year.

This mission is focusing on getting three outcomes; identifying gaps that affect negatively this campaign. They will target to assist countries in optimizing vaccine rollout and also strengthening present capacity and response to achieve the target.




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